What is Financial Wellness?

To consistently achieve our high levels of customer satisfaction, Tradition Mortgage embraces the concept of Financial Wellness as a key component to our loan services. Financial wellness is achieved only by having a holistic understanding of all aspects that impact your own personal balance sheet.

Credit Score Tips for During the Loan Process

During the loan process, there are some Do’s and Don’ts. Being qualified for a lower rate and locking in the best loan for you are all dependent on your credit history and risk. Some reasoning’s may be more obvious than others, but below is a list of Tradition Mortgage’s Top 9 credit score “Don’ts” during the loan process.

Tradition Mortgage: WHY US?

From our start in 1998, Tradition Mortgage has grown into one of the top independent mortgage lenders in Minnesota. As an entirely referral based mortgage company with an industry leading percentage of repeat customers, we keep a high level of customer satisfaction through our dedicated career professionals. Here are a few reasons why Tradition Mortgage is the right lending company … Read More