What is Financial Wellness?

To consistently achieve our high levels of customer satisfaction, Tradition Mortgage embraces the concept of Financial Wellness as a key component to our loan services. Financial wellness is achieved only by having a holistic understanding of all aspects that impact your own personal balance sheet.

Financial-Wellness-logoOur FINANCIAL WELLNESS ANALYSIS includes:

  • Understanding the importance of managing both sides of your business balance sheet: both
    assets and debts
  • Managing your biggest investment – Your Home
  • A Comprehensive Budget analysis

Key Players on your FINANCIAL TEAM:

  • Certified Financial Advisor
  • Real Estate Professional
  • Mortgage Consultant
  • Insurance Agent/Specialist
  • Tax Expert

Financial Wellness comes from striking a balance between current and long term needs, while keeping reserves for unplanned events that may arise. We ask the extra questions so that we can find the ideal mortgage product fit for you. Call to set up an appointment with us TODAY: 952-920-5100.