Tom Buslee | Vice President

NMLS #374309 | | (952) 322-8740

Tom Buslee

Lucas Kanavati | Partner

NMLS #367028 | | (952) 252-0230

Lucas Kanavati

Anna Whitehead | Senior Mortgage Consultant

NMLS #367436 | | (952) 252-4708

Anna Whitehead

Dane Larson | Loan Officer

NMLS #929689 | | (952) 567-7674

Dane Larson
  The primary role of Tom, Lucas, Anna, and Dane is to develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with clients and business partners. They provide tailored financing specific to the goals of each unique client situation. They take great pride in using their combined 30+ years in the industry to educate and assist in making sure transactions are completed in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Nicole Hygrell | Loan Officer Assistant

NMLS #374309 | | (952) 322-8740

Nicole Hygrell

Chris Keller | Senior Mortgage Consultant

NMLS #1603239 | | (952) 252-4704

Chris Keller

Maria Ryan | Loan Officer Assistant | (952) 252-4700

Maria Ryan
  Nicole, Chris, and Maria have a critical role in the success of our team. Once a file is submitted to them by Tom, Lucas, Anna or Dane, they work with our underwriters and appraisers to make sure the loan closes on time and in an organized fashion. During the underwriting process, they will address any questions from the borrowers and will keep all interested parties informed as the loan progresses to close. Back