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Rates Helped By News of Possible ECB Stimulus

The past couple of weeks have been dominated with talk of the possible December Fed rate increase. With a quarter point increase largely priced into the bond and mortgage markets, rates received some welcomed  news from an overseas ally.  Increased expectations for additional stimulus in Europe were positive for mortgage rates over the past week and ended slightly lower. Read more »

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Stock Rally Pushes Rates Up

Investors large and small typically seek the relative safety of the bond market (including mortgage bonds) during times of uncertainty.  Rates over the last month have benefited from this “flight to safety” of capital as stocks have been sold in favor of bonds.   Read more »

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Things are far from perfect in the U.S. economy, but economy growth is steady enough that things almost feel back to normal. As this “new normal” sets in, it is expected that banks will charge a higher rate when lending to one another.  This, in addition to a rise in the federal funds target rate, will make borrowing money more costly for businesses and consumers.  So with that said, here are a few money moves to consider making before lending rates rise: Read more »